" Christopher J Canton | Edge Consultancy

Executive Biography

Chris is the former Senior Vice President of Raddon, a recognized leader of research and market analytics for banks and credit unions. Raddon provides a range of revenue generating products and services to over 500 financial institutions across the United States.

Chris’ passion is helping clients enhance revenue generation. Key elements of these engagements include process evaluation and improvement, technology assessment and implementation and cultural alignment. His focus is to lead the unification of the people, processes and technology across the business towards a single goal. To accomplish this he has overseen the implementation of new go to market models, the alignment of front and back office resources, and the implementation of technologies that improve revenue performance while strengthening compliance and data security. This focus has supported an increase in revenue growth of up to 50%.

Chris’ vast experience has resulted in leading businesses to exceed the goals and objectives set before them. This core competency comes from his own career path which includes holding the roles of individual contributor, branch, regional, national and international management for privately held and VC backed companies, early adoption businesses and enterprise organizations. Raddon, Fiserv, Open Solutions and KPMG Consulting are several examples of the companies that he has impacted.

Throughout his career he has had an opportunity to implement successful go to market models to meet greenfield opportunities as well as troubleshooting situations that embrace the interconnection of the business’ revenue objective and all of the supporting infrastructure and processes for small, medium and large businesses.
As a result he understands how to generate revenue at a strategic level by leveraging solutions that align with the intersection of business priorities, financial drivers, functional requirements and technical capabilities.