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Executive Biography

Area of Expertise:
Media Services

Darla Marasco is an award-winning visionary and principle of Marasco Media. Marasco offers a rare combination of natural affinity and vast experience to manage every stage of project realization – from ideation to development, pitching to sales, production to post. She is praised for her ability to find on-trend projects with new messaging – and create a congenial, empowering team atmosphere. Every project is delivered on time, and on budget – exceeding artistic and technical objectives. As an artist’s champion and manager, Marasco loves to match creative talents and personalities to further a collective vision including writers, producers, and editors. She is collaborative, optimistic, unifying and keenly resourceful. All her experience, insights, passions and futurist savvy have led to the founding of Marasco Media – where powerful creatives converge. From scripted domestic and international television to film projects, we produce meaningful stories from unique voices that resonate with diverse audiences, entertain and uplift humanity.