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Executive Biography

Portraits of the World Bank Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union Board of Directors for their annual report taken in the lobby of the World Bank Building in Washington, DC on January 10th, 2012.


Recognized in the industry as a thought leader and visionary​, Stephen brings ​significant experience in leadership, strategic planning, lending, card services, mortgage banking, innovation, operations, marketing, performance metrics, growth strategies, expense management, service excellence and enterprise risk management.

Most recently, Stephen ​served as Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union’s (BFSFCU)​ CEO and Director of Lending Services for a combined total of 24 years.  While there,​ ​Stephen orchestrated BFSFCU’s transition from an operational business model to a corporate culture of Engaged Service, and guided the institution to top-tier financial performance during the global recession.  A long-time proponent of the value of credit card services, Stephen established the credit and debit card programs at BFSFCU, growing from a handful of cards to positioning BFSFCU as one of the top 75 Visa issuers in the country.  In addition to his service in the credit union industry, Stephen also brings extensive experience in retail banking and mortgage banking.