Edge Consulting’s unique insights and strategic advice can be available for your speaking engagement. From a keynote address to a large industry audience with thousands in attendance to smaller strategic group discussions, Edge has experience in a wide range of speaking assignments. Drawing on its digital disruption experience in sports, media and entertainment, banking and financial technology, and digital commerce, Edge Consulting presentations are often the highest rated for events they participate in. Provocative and inspiring, engaging and insightful, we can add unique insights to any discussion. And because we were operators in the industries we advise, we can provide practical and tailored information to our discussions.

Our team are former CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and senior executives of financial institutions, media companies, retail commerce and the technology companies who support them. As a result, the unique insights come from our research articles, the Edge Newsletter, and our years of practical experience, which is what sets Edge Consulting apart from the rest. You see this reflected in our presentations. We have had to solve these issues as leaders ourselves!

A sampling of our recent topics:
Banking related:
-Strategy and Industry Trends
-High Performance organizations
-Mergers & Acquisitions
-Building culture and teams
-Implications of Digital Disruption
-Fraud and CyberCrime
-Growth initiatives to compete and win
-Customer engagement in the digital age
-Cloud and it’s implications
-The future of Payments
-Technology and Operations in the Digital Age

Sports and Media related:
-Impact of digitization
-Industry trends and economic models
-Ticket yield optimization
-Lifetime value of assets model
-Emerging creative tools and storytelling
-Immersive technologies, A/R and VR
-Cloud and it’s implications
-Emerging technology trends
-Workflow disruption and the new Media Company

Retail Commerce related:
-Industry trends and strategy
-The future of retail
-Digitization and its implications
-Analytics and optimizing relationships
-The Amazonitization of Retail and how to compete
-Customer engagement for heritage players to win
-Technology to compete and Win