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24 April 2017,


Written by: Kirk Kordeleski, Edge Consultancy

An IBM report shows that the Web and app-based businesses are disrupting all retail businesses. The largest taxi company in the US doesn’t own any cabs (Uber), the largest accommodation provider owns no hotels (Airbnb), the largest phone company has no telco infrastructure (Skype), the largest software vendors do not write apps (Apple and Google), the most popular media provider creates no content (Facebook) and now, the fastest growing consumer lenders are not banks and do not have branches (Lending Club and Prosper). These changes are in addition to the “old news” of tech disruption to brick and mortar retail stores, music and video distribution and services, and this year is the first holiday season that consumers are spending more online than in stores, and most of those purchases are being made on smart devices.

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Ed. 2 Vol. 1 Newsletter

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