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27 February 2017,

Miami, FL, February 27, 2017 – “A Consultancy that Believes in Community Institutions and Partners with them for game changing success and performance.” That was my vision when my partners and I created and invested in The Edge Consultancy, said Louis Hernandez. We wanted a consultancy that is a truly different than anything else available to credit unions and community banks. Our goal has always been to be the thought leaders and the experienced operators. Vision and action, That’s why we recruited such an amazing team of executives, people who have been in leadership positions and made the tough decisions needed to create great organizations.

Our team now includes 15 “C” level and professional management consultants who advise community institutions on any challenge or opportunity they may be facing. If you need the very best input to solve a difficult problem with urgency, The Edge is the place to go.

The Edge Consultancy Group was founded on the principal that to provide game changing advise we needed consultants who have the real life experience of running a business, partnering with professional management consultants that understand to effectively manage a consulting operation. Our team is second to none and includes credit union CEOs like Kirk Kordeleski (Bethpage FCU), Juli Anne Callas (NIH), Stephen Post (Vermont State), Jeff Meyer (Dakota West), Steven Winninger (Lake Trust), Donnie Price (Four Points), and Stephen Breed (Bank-Fund Staff FCU). Professional consultants like Vim Anand (E and Y and McGladry) and Ray Seefeldt (McGladry) and experienced industry professionals like Susan Newton (CUNA), Herman Klinger and Brian Molloy. These consultants bring recent, relevant and direct management experience to any challenge your institution may be facing

When we on occasion find the need to go beyond our many areas of credit union expertise, we have worked on a referral basis with some of the best of the best in consulting professionals like Dennis Dollar and his team at Dollar Associates and John Best and the team at BIG.

Our strength is our team and together we can help your team reach incredible results

About Edge Consultancy

Edge Consultancy, is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida and is the premier consulting organization created to address the most complex issues facing financial institutions today by creating the most experienced and proven advisors in the Industry. Their unique consultative and inclusive approach has produced powerful and measureable results. To learn more about how the Edge Consultancy can help you, go to www.edgeconsultancyllc.com.

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